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Why is Important Thermographic Scan?

What is Thermographic scanning?

Thermographic scanning (also known as Infra-Red scanning) is used as a predictive maintenance tool for plant and machinery.  This technology has application for electrical systems and can identify electrical connections that could possibly fail in the future.

Thermographic scanning uses an Infra-Red camera to view electrical systems and identify connections that are operating at a higher-than-normal temperature.  If a connection is not electrically sound due to looseness or corrosion, then the connection has a higher resistance resulting in a higher operating temperature.  The advantage of the Thermographic scanning is that it is carried out with the equipment operating under normal operating conditions.

Thermal Scanning is a mandatory component of your building’s preventative maintenance

When any one of the following areas of concern is present in a switchboard, it can generate excess heat and stress on the board, and left undetected can cause a full or partial power outage to the building that can be very disruptive for your tenants:
– Loose terminals.
– Undersized cables.
– Faulty fuses or circuit breakers.
– Incorrectly fitted components.

Benefits of Thermographic Scanning

Although conducting regular thermographic scans are a cost to your business, the benefits can be substantial:
– Reduce the risk of electrical or mechanical faults occurring, leading to fire or major breakdown.
– Reduce risk of personal harm to staff and customers from fire or electrical shock.
– Reduce costs of unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns.
– Reduce repair costs by fixing a fault before major failure.
– Help manage the risks to your business or property.